Title: Snakes

Author: David Greenberg

"To Bugs!, Skunks!, and Slugs, mischief meister Greenberg adds snakes in all their insinuative creepiness... The tercets are witty and expertly rhymed, and there's enough variety in the direction of the humor to keep the text from monotony. Although the story ends with a bwa-ha-ha mock shiver, it's never too scary, and the sunny colors of the pictures, each one crawling with serpents both real and fanciful, augment the levity of the verse."

     The Horn Book

"A good and creepy... story of a boy and the uninvited snakes in his life from Greenberg. What is so effective here — other than Munsinger's swarming, snaky watercolors — is that Greenberg never gets cute, but keeps the verse highly palpable."

     Kirkus Reviews

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