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    "David Greenberg came to our school back in 2001 for our first Author Visit. Ten years later we brought him back for an encore performance and WOW! The Poetry assembly was just as ridiculously funny the second time around, but the Civil Rights assembly was truly spectacular. Teachers, parents, and students were talking about this 'event' for weeks and weeks after the assembly. If you do anything this year, find the time and money to bring David Greenberg to your school. You owe it to your students!"

         Debra Brahmi
         Media Specialist
         Ventnor Educational Community Complex
         Ventnor, NJ

    "Thank you for your visit. I first want to again apologize for the horrible conditions; you were amazing to deal with them. I sent an email to parents that day telling them of your visiting and asking them to prompt a dinner conversation with their child 3-8 grade about your discussion. The emails I got back from parents had comments like: 'My child (5th grader) told me that we all have to say no when we see something is wrong.' 'My third grader asked if we could look up more information on the civil rights movement.' 'We discussed our role in the civil right movement, it was the first time I told my 14 year old how I marched for justice!' Congrats on inspiring such a wealth of discussion. I had a teacher who has been here for 19 years tell me that you were the best speaker we have had here at Chandler."

         Ashley Payne Laird
         Seventh Grade English
         English Department Head

    "I wanted to send a quick note letting you know how wonderful your Family Literacy Night was. I look at Barnhart School events through 3 lens: as a parent, as an educator and finally as a board member. This event was fantastic no matter how you slice it.

    "As a parent, how great did I feel getting to watch my daughter smile, participate in writing, be excited about books and most of all seeing her having fun learning. We talked about the experience the rest of the night and I am sure will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

    "As an educator, I witnessed a creative way to involve families in learning. You were both enthusiastic and engaging. You modeled good teaching through demonstrating the desired objective, practicing together, allowing independent work with support and then you shared that work in a safe and respectful way. Every lesson — every class period — every day, should be that dynamic.

    "As a board member, all I could think of was 'look at this event — how awesome is this!' Parents with their children across all of our grades. What a terrific community building event you hosted. It not only brought families together in a fun relaxed atmosphere, it also directly connected to our academic program, promoted spending time with your children learning and provided space for families to enjoy each other's company.

    "An excellent job, well organized, thoughtfully planned, tied to the curriculum and just the right amount of time(although I think we all would have stayed another hour) you left us wanting more.

    "So, as a parent, as an educator and as a board member — thank you!"

         Jim Anderson
         Barnhart School

    "David: I can't express how important your visit has been to our students. Many, many parents approached me, following your Civil Rights talk, to discuss their family dinner conversations since hearing you. It was the first realization for some children and most found it very difficult to understand how and why things were the way they were. Their awareness is 'priceless" as the commercials say.

    "Thank you so much for your time and effort in visiting our school, but more than that, for sharing your family story and opening our young minds."

         Jane O'Malley
         Phillippi Shores I B World School

    "I would like to express my admiration regarding David Greenberg's presentations, both Civil Rights and Poetry. I was the host school and gathered 4 other schools into a week of David Greenberg's presentations. We were fortunate to have him spend a day in each district. I have heard nothing but wonderful feedback on the content and presentation of David. He involved the students and staff alike. Several schools have asked about the possibility of a return visit. School board members were very impressed by the content and audiences' attentiveness to David. Staff members have gone out of their way to thank me for bringing David into our district, even several weeks after the fact.

    "I, personally, was able to attend both presentations and was wildly impressed. As a host, you always wonder if this will be a presenter that will just take up time, or it this the one that could get even those students who grudgingly attend interested. It is always a gamble. I wasn't sure about the middle school and high school audiences, each being about 500 students. I was told that not ONE student had to be spoken to during the hour of David Greenberg and 'that says a lot about the quality of the presenter'.

    "I would whole heartedly recommend David for any school."

         Renita L. McCabe-Irvin
         Media Specialist
         Stewartville Public Schools

    "Several months ago, one of our members shared her experience with author David Greenberg. As a result, I booked David for a visit to our school, and he was, in a word, incredible. He mesmerized our students and teachers alike with his abundant humor, energy and enthusiasm. The halls were buzzing as our students moved back to their classrooms, comparing their favorite lines from his poems. My students were so eager to borrow his books that I literally had to raffle them off to those who were lucky enough to have library class after the assemblies. Their far and away favorite was his Book of Boys (for Girls) — Book of Girls (for Boys). I had used this book to prepare for his visit, and despite the fact that my book fair starts tomorrow; I still had the most orders for that book than for any other book I have ever offered! My teachers kept stopping me to compliment me on my wise choice for the author visit (Yeah!!). I highly recommend his writing workshop as well; I've NEVER seen our students so motivated. One teacher even suggested that David's techniques be used for our PSSA (state tests) prompts if the state really wanted to see what our students are capable of.

    "Ok, so clearly I'm gushing, but when I can bring this type of experience to my students, I feel that I have impacted their lives — hopefully forever. I encourage you to look to his website, and give serious thought to inviting David to your school. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance."

         Maria Sweet
         Media Specialist

    "You were, by far, the most entertaining author we've hosted in the five years we've been organizing our author visits. We found it remarkable that you presented three completely interactive one-hour fifth and sixth grade programs without ever needing to ask the students to settle down. You've shown us all that the best way to engage an audience is to make them so eager to hear what you have to say next that they maintain control throughout!

         Terese Guerriero

    "Hi David,

    Thank YOU! Your assemblies were everything that you advertised them to be. I can honestly say that they were the most popular assemblies that I have seen in my time at UES. I hope that you can visit our school again in the future!"

         Brenda Coggins
         Educational Coordinator

    "I have never received so much positive feedback as I did after your presentation to the school and to the parents. It is just so very exciting. Even our custodian caught the energy you brought. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and great ideas. Keep writing and we will be looking for more words of wisdom from Mr. Greenberg."

         Carole Worthen

    I can not tell you how much I, personally, enjoyed Mr. Greenberg and I know that my students were just as entertained. His presentation could not have come at a better time, as we have just started a poetry writing project. I know that the kids will write with greater inspiration, passion, and enthusiasm because of his writers view of writing. Thank you for including us and insisting that we attend. It was nothing short of AWESOME!

         Gloria Woods

    "David Greenberg's engaging assembly reflecting his newest book 'The Tugging String' left our students in wide-eyed awe. Just as he does with his wonderfully, whimsical poetry presentations, David's delivery, though serious, given the subject manner, captured all those present in the room. Every year schools, ours being no different, teach their students the powerful message of the life that Dr. Martin Luther King led. However, David's first hand experience, as the son of MLK's primary civil rights attorney, Jack Greenberg, brought a relevant young person's perspective and reality to this historical time that could not be matched. The students listened to text highlights and observed photos from David's book with a true realization that such a horrific thing could actually have happened in this country. We were all left with an awareness that with the recent inauguration of President Barack Obama, we have all marched a 'milestone' in our nation's history. Without a second breath, every school should invite Mr. Greenberg to enrich and enchant their student's learning."

         Sam Allegro and Hope Willy
         Washington/Hoyt Elementary
         Tacoma ,WA

    "In April of 2009 our faculty and students here at the QSI International School of Chongqing (China) hosted a visit by David Greenberg. We are a new school and David's visit was important for two reasons. First, simply because he was our first visiting author, and second it was very important that this initial visit be one that would set the standard for what our students could expect from future author visits. I can tell you that he met our expectations and set high standards for those that will follow. If you are looking for an author who is authentic, personable, funny, engages students and holds their attention then bring David to your school. His interaction with and the learning experience for students from 5 to 15 years old was consistently excellent. He knows students, their interests regardless of age. Certainly ours benefited greatly from his visit."

         Roy Douthitt
         QSI International School of Chongqing

    "The impact you have made in our building with our student writers is amazing".

         Nick Montesano
         Media Specialist
         New Jersey

    "Dear Mr. Greenberg,

    On behalf of the entire ISC student body, faculty and administration, please accept our sincere gratitude for making four memorable presentations to our elementary, middle school, high school students, as well as to our teacher/parent group after school. Yesterday's workshops were truly one of the highlights of this entire school year for our school, and we cannot begin to describe how much our students enjoyed their respective assemblies.

    "It was truly amazing to witness how you were able to adjust your presentations to each of the three age groups so that students remained engaged, and in some cases mesmerized by your poems, stories and wonderful insights into writing. As I stated at the end of each presentation, you are an exceptional presenter, one of the best I have ever worked with in my 20 years as an international educator. Be assured that many of our ISC students will be better motivated to not only read more, but to in your own words, they will work harder at becoming better writers as well."

         Paul Combs
         Principal, International School of Curitiba

    "Hello David,

    "We are getting awesome comments from our teachers. They are wishing we had done this earlier in the year because the students are so excited to write down their thoughts and school is out in one week! We could not have kicked off our new concept with a better person."

         Carol Snyder
         Media Specialist
         New Jersey

    "You had our high school students in the 'palm of your hand' that Tuesday afternoon. They were absolutely mesmerized by your words — and your passion for words! They spoke about it for days. Thanks for bringing such wonderful energy to our school community."

         Lore Roethke
         High School Teacher

    "Dear Mr. Greenberg,

    "Thank you for your wonderful workshops. Our students were thrilled with your writing, your books and your presentations! Even now, a week later, they are still talking about you and your poems & stories. They want to know if you will be returning next year!"

         Antoinette Combs

    "Oodles of rave reviews from everyone here... especially from the middle school kids!

    Thanks for a great job!"

         Rhonda Rame
         Media Specialist

    "I had author, David Greenberg, at my school last night. We had a family language arts night and he kicked off the evening with a fantastic presentation. We geared the evening to 6th graders and their families, but all ages would love David's presentation. Our staff, parents, and students LOVED him! He is an excellent public speaker, but also very funny and inspiring. Also, his books are adorable. I highly recommend him. If you have any questions, feel free to call or e-mail me."

         Susan Thornton-Ball
         Media Specialist

    "Dear Colleagues:

    I cannot begin to tell you how much our students 'loved' David Greenberg. He is an author of poetry and has written 30 + books. He appealed to all ages and kept their attention for almost an hour. He shares valuable tips about writing and 'working'.

    He also conducts Writing Workshops and has been associated with BER in that capacity. I heartily recommend him for school visits."

         Charlotte Anderson

    "We enjoyed having you so much. The response from our students was fantastic! They are writing up a storm."

         Cathie Padgett
         Media Specialist

    "Hello Mr. Greenberg

    This is Kim Bublitz from Immanuel Lutheran School in Bay City, Michigan. Is there any chance that you might be available for an author visit on Friday, February 29th? Or in the first week of March? As I have struggled with getting an author this year, I can't help but think that, by far, you have been the most inspirational author for our kids."

         Kim Bublitz

    "David Greenberg visited our school in October 2007, and he provided one of the finest author events we've ever had. During each presentation, he used humor, rhythm, and rhyme to keep every audience in the palm of his hand. From kindergarten through 3rd grade, all of our students stayed with him from start to finish. He was able to take an audience from the heights of hearty laughter to silent attentiveness in mere seconds. This is a presenter who understands the way kids think and how they respond to verbal cues.

    "Greenberg's presentations were both educational and entertaining — a combination that is hard to beat, as well as hard to find. I would not hesitate to recommend David to any school looking for a thoroughly effective author event. David is enthusiastic, easy to work with, and pleasant in every way. Programming dollars are not easy to come by, so every school hopes for certain results when selecting an author/speaker. David Greenberg is not only a poet who has produced an impressive portfolio of children's literature, he is also dependable. He has a passion for the work he does, and it shows."

         Gary Brown
         Media Specialist

    "I can not tell you how many compliments I received today and Friday for booking you. That hardly ever happens. So I am eternally grateful.

    You are the best! I don't remember the last time I laughed all day! I will let everyone in our library department know and other colleagues as well. Take care and stay in touch..."

         Darci LaRose
         New York

    "I really do not know where to begin. Your presentations were like nothing else our children have ever experienced. You were able to energize an entire school in just a few short hours. Your love of poetry and the sounds that poetry can make is amazing. Many students ran to our school library and proceeded to check out poetry books. You definitely have them excited about reading and writing poetry. You really were amazing.

    You not only were able to excite our students, but teachers as well. I had many teachers comment on how wonderfully animated your presentation was and how engaged you were with the children. One teacher said she wished she had joined us at lunch, but didn't want to interrupt. Teachers, administrators and parents were all very impressed and wonder when we can have you return to Mary, Seat of Wisdom.

    You have touched the lives of young children and for that I commend you. However, on a more personal note, I would like to thank you for inspiring me to make real connections with my students, show them the love I have for reading and writing, and help them realize that they can be writers too (and have tons of FUN doing it).

    Again, thank you. It was a pleasure to meet you and have you visit MSW. I anxiously await the release of your novel. If possible (since I am on your mailing list), please give me the heads up on the release date."

         Beth Cushing

    "Thank you for a great author visit. The two words I kept hearing from kids and teachers were 'BEST' and 'FAVORITE!'"

         Deb Sanford
         Media Specialist

    "David Greenberg did a fantastic job presenting exciting and motivating assemblies to students representing more than twenty-four countries! His poetry readings had students and teachers laughing out loud. I especially appreciated how well he adapted his presentations to the various age levels and language skills of the students attending. We all thoroughly enjoyed David's enthusiasm. The writing workshops for the upper level students provoked thoughtful questions from students and emphasized the work, dedication and perseverance required in writing, a concept very much appreciated by the teachers! I highly recommend the Family Writing Workshop. We have received rave reviews from parents and students about how much fun they had that evening and how they've continued to create writing based on David's entertaining ideas.

    One Danish parent wrote: 'Brilliant night yesterday, my children have been making funny poems ever since, and I know this is what we will be doing on our 8 hour car journey up to Denmark tomorrow.'

    An International Principal wrote: 'I truly want to thank you for inviting us to see David Greenberg. It was super! Both groups loved what he had to say. His energy and enthusiasm were so wonderful!'

    If your school is looking for an energetic, educational, motivational, school-wide event appropriate for all ages, you've found your answer in David Greenberg! He will exceed your highest expectations in his presentations. And for those who do the behind-the-scenes work, he is incredibly pleasant, flexible company as well! You cannot go wrong with Mr. Greenberg."

         Kelly Bradin
         PTSA President
         SHAPE American Schools

    "The Argonner Elementary PTA wants to express our thanks for the wonderful performance you provided our students.

    The teachers, staff and children were thrilled with your program. The teachers were impressed with your ability to excite the children, grab their attention and still bring them around to focus on your message that words have power. The staff was pleased with your organization and how little you required of them to set up for your program. Last but definitely not least the children could not stop talking about you. We were all amazed by your constant enthusiasm and seemingly unending energy you exhibited in all 4 performances.

    The turn out for your family workshop was record breaking for our school. It was obvious that children went home that day and asked parents to attend. It was such a joy to see families spending time together and having fun. You were a HIT!

    I have received many thanks from teachers and parents for providing this experience for the children. I felt that I should pass the gratitude on to you.

    We are looking forward to another visit from you soon!"

         Mackenzie Hayes
         PTA Vice-President/Programs

    "Thank you for coming to our school! Your presentation and workshops have inspired us to write and think about words in new ways. Most importantly, you injected a healthy dose of fun into reading and writing. Many teachers shared that they appreciated the comments you made about: the power of words, being good noticers and good listeners, persevering, turning off the TV, and the unspoken but obvious message of just having fun with words! Thanks again!"

         Wayne Martin

    "Thank you, it was a true celebration of reading, writing and most of all dreaming. You brought joy to the students and staff."

         Connie Newman

    "It is with pleasure that I will recommend your program to anyone who is looking for a children's author to visit their school! You promised an energetic and interesting presentation, and it was all that and much more! The students got so much out of what you had to say to them, and the evening Family night assembly was just a terrific way to end the whole event! There was an excellent turnout because the kids went home and told their parents what a great presentation they had heard in school! I had many parents tell me how much they enjoyed the evening performance too! Thanks again for coming to our small eastern Montana community! We look forward to reading your upcoming books."

         Kelly Johnson, Librarian

    "We, here at Mable Woolsey Elementary School, want to give a big 'Thank You' to you for your visit with us last Monday. The students have remained excited and enthusiastic about writing poetry and stories of there own. Some students have shared their poetry with me and, believe it or not, they were quite good! Our teachers, students, and staff have continued to talk about how wonderful your assemblies were. Our principal, Ms. Galbreath, expressed to me that your presentations were the best she has heard in a very long time! She thoroughly enjoyed you, also. You were everything I expected and more! The key to your success is in the eyes of the children and I saw (and heard) their expressions all week. You were so much fun and we have many students (and staff) that need to laugh. We have some pictures on our website of your visit if you are interested at"

         Becky Fleisher

    "Thank you so much for such a WONDERFUL presentation. Everyone, teachers and students, has spoken to me to let me know how great it was. It was indeed a joyful experience to all."

         Wendy Nieto, Librarian
         Puerto Rico

    "You were wonderful!!! What high energy presentations you gave to each group. Everyone had only the best things to say about you, your poems, and your message!!!!

    As I've been meeting with the classes I've asked them about what you shared. They all mention that writers need to be THINKERS and NOTICERS, and it's HARD WORK. They also note that the beat is the heart of the poem.

    Thank you for making this the best author visit ever!!!!"

         Pat Smith

    "Thank you so much for your visit to our school. You have introduced our students to poetry in the liveliest, most inviting way possible, by sharing your love of it. It's amazing how students react when they experience someone's passion for their work. I've never seen our students so engaged and enthralled for such a long period.

    I think your ability to connect with children and relate to them really adds a component to your writing that few authors manage. You get their humor and they get yours.

    You've given our students a wonderful experience that they will remember forever. I've never seen our students so excited about books!

    Your endless energy in a jam-packed day was amazing to watch."

         Cara Jelley
         Reading Specialist
         Bangkok, Thailand

    "This place has been a wild and crazy one since you left us on Friday! I don't want to let another minute pass without thanking you again for a wonderful visit to our school. You promised me excitement, enthusiasm and energized enthusiastic kids, and you delivered! The students loved you and really enjoyed having the chance to meet you. They are so excited about your book. Thank you again for helping to get our 2006 reading challenge off to a snaketacular start."

         Sherry Kalbach

    "The assemblies you presented today were absolutely fabulous! Your energy and excitement was very contagious, and consensus had it that you resembled a mix between Adam Sandler and Jerry Seinfeld... energetic, hilarious and witty. We felt very fortunate to have you at High Lakes Elementary and look forward to recommending you to other schools in our area. Thank you for engaging and entertaining our K-2nd graders, and inspiring our 3rd-5th graders to read and write poetry, all in the name of fun! The principal and vice-principal, along with many others, raved about you at our PTA meeting tonight. You left smiles on all of our faces who were lucky enough to watch the assemblies. The hard-back books you sold were beautifully illustrated and went well with your poetry. So, a big thanks to you again for such a memorable event!"

         Lori Weichman
         Arts & Culture Coordinator
         High Lakes Elementary
         Bend, Oregon

    "David, You were AWESOME!!!"

         Carol Potter

    "You were a HUGE hit, here at Carpenter School yesterday morning. I heard positive comments from teachers and kids all day long. One teacher told me that after a big science test, three of her students were trying to write poetry, including two boys. A second grade class created a poem with great rhythm right after your presentation. My principal was also very complimentary about your presentation. We'd love to invite you back to our school in a few years!"

         Glenna Pearson

    "Thank you again for the wonderful presentations and workshop. The 5th grade teachers were thrilled with the workshop. And I received the nicest note from one of the 2nd grade teachers. She wrote 'My class thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and he certainly communicated essential writing elements at a level they could understand — and with humor!' Many teachers and our principal, Mrs. Tye expressed how wonderful your presentations were."

    Thank you! Thank you!"

         Lisa Pasternak
         Librarian, Parent, Volunteer

    "We all love you!! Kids, teachers, parents, reporters, principal, co-chairs, everyone!!! We think you are a great presenter working very hard to make each child connect in some personal way. You are intelligent and use very impressive vocabulary. So, I would like to send you a huge thank you.

    Thank you..."

         Lois Hunt
         Reading Specialist
         New York

    "Thank you so much for your awesome visit! The kids really enjoyed it and I have heard rave reviews from the teachers as well. Keep up the good work. We had a wonderful time. All the kids want to take out your books!"

         Jodi Benatovich
         Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School
         New York
         (716) 891-6423

    "David, The kids are still talking about you and so are the teachers. Some of the kids have started books because of your inspiration. One little boy is writing a book about the "don'ts of driving". One of our teachers wants you back every three years. That way the younger kids get to listen to your "other" assembly. Anyway, we loved you!!!!"

         Lisa Atkins

    "We often struggle to identify authors who inspire, motivate and connect with children. So, we want to share the experience we had this weet at Taipei American School with poet/author David Greenberg. David did a fantastic job with all students from kindergarten to grade 5.

    David is energetic and lively, he possesses a great sense of humor and an extraordinary vocabulary. He is both an entertainer and a teacher. Students enjoyed his dramatic renditions of his poems and his entertaining stories. At the same time, they learned about the importance of the beat, the power of words, and the value of noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary. In his workshops, he modeled poetry writing and every student left with an original composition. He also demonstrated extraordinary crowd control with the students practically eating out of his hands.

    During his week long visit, David offered presentations to grades K-5, workshops to grades 3-5 and a family night which was enjoyed by entire families. Such was the enthusiasm of the students that the family night audience surpassed all previous experiences.

    In addition to all of this, David is a very nice person who obviously loves what he does. You can't go wrong in inviting David to your school."

         Catriona Moran
         Taipei American School

    "I have been an educator for almost three decades and have served as a teacher and an administrator. In that time I have attended and scheduled many different assembly programs. In both roles the goals of any assembly program is to offer enrichment to the students by providing some knowledge that is related to, but not always included in the curriculum. Hopefully the program is entertaining and enjoyable for the school as well. I offered to write this letter because I just attended a program that excited the students, the teachers, the parents and me. In all my years in education, it was clearly the finest program I have attended. David Greenberg just held several assembly programs here out Pocopson Elementary School. In these programs, he entertained the students through comedic readings and stories. He kept them on the edge of their seats as he questioned them about different situations. However, most importantly he motivated them to want to write. He made writing fun and exciting. Each student felt that he was talking to him or her.

    I have never attended an assembly program that motivated so many in attendance. Not only did the students leave with the desire to sit down and write, but many teachers and parents commented that they wanted to write a book as well.

    In a period in education in which every minute is scrutinized and measured for accountability, the assembly program that David Greenberg presented at our school met every criterion of all who attended. The program was informative about the writing process; it motivated the students to not only write but conveyed a love of reading.

    I have no hesitation recommending The David Greenberg assembly for any school program. You will find, as I did, it will measure up as one of the best you have ever seen."

         Andrew M. McLaughlin, Ed.D
         Pocopson Elementary School

    "I received nothing but positive responses from your presentation — teachers, staff and students loved you! I wanted to let you know that our art teacher said she has seen nearly 30 author/illustrator presentations and yours was the BEST she has seen, so you have accomplished your goal!

    Thank you thank you! I will recommend that we bring you back in a few years when our kindergartners are in the older age group and we have a new group of children to teach!"

         Pam Horvath

    "First let me thank you for the wonderful author visit experience. I must say you accomplished an extraordinary feat - keeping an entire audience ranging from Kindergarten to 6th grade riveted for an entire hour. Our teachers and students raved about you. My favorite comment came from a young man who is a tough nut to crack regarding reading. I asked him if he liked your presentation and he had one word for it, "Awesome". Higher praise from him could not be received. I echo his sentiment."

         Barbara Metzenbaum

    "You visited my son's school (Cimarron Elementary in Katy, Texas) on November 10. My son LOVED it!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I can't remember what he said you read, but I do know I want to (hopefully) build on what you have started — no one and/or nothing else has sent him so excited about reading!"

         Lynda Badke, CPP

    "You were a delight. Bottom line, over 400 hundred children at each assembly were involved, focused and riveted to you. You entertained their brains! One of the kindergarten teachers wondered whether her little darlings were laughing because all the other students were, or if they truly understood your presentation. She asked them when they got back to their room what three things you said were necessary to be a better writer, and they knew: working, hard, caring about their writing, and practice, practice, practice. A note I received from from our assistant principal congratulated me for having the smarts to invite you. He goes on to say how inspiring you were for students and staff. I couldn't agree more. Everyone is clammering for their autographed books."

         Martha Miller

    "Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful presentation yesterday! The kids were enthralled! You had them eating out of the palm of your hand! We couldn't have asked for a better assembly!

    The students who had pre-ordered where quite proud of their books when I delivered the autographed copies to them."

         Jenny Granger
         Emerson Elementary

    "I'm a second grade teacher at Taipei American School and I'm jotting you a note to advocate for Mr. Greenberg's appearance on the EARCOS circuit. He's an amazing presenter for both students and adults. I was an adult participant in two of his workshops when I taught in California; he was so good the first time I saw him, I signed up to see him again the next year! Since a component of the "Writing Workshop" is for teachers and students to be able to envision themselves as authors, David's fun low-key, yet educationally on target, approach is perfect for hesitant beginner, as well as the seasoned pro. The materials he models and provides are outstanding; I've used his material in my classroom on a weekly basis for the past ten years. His lesson plans are flexible and can be easily tailored for a range of students; I have personally used them with 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade students successfully. Anyway, he just came to TAS and the students loved him. My kids beg to listen to his CD and many have memorized lines from his poems. His use of rhyme and expression are especially beneficial to ESL students. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I have worked at seven different schools, three in the US and four overseas, and I think David Greenberg would be a great "spark" to help enhance the literary programs at any and all of these schools."

         Dana Melvin
         2d Grade Teacher
         Taipei American School

    "Just a note to let you know how much we appreciated your visit! The students and teachers will be talking about your program for quite a while. You promised me the best author visit ever, but some of the teachers approached me to tell me it was THE best assembly they ever saw."

         Deb Straviski
         New England Elementary School

    "Your visit here was amazing! Thank you for exceeding my expectations. I will gladly sing your praises to anyone who asks. The teachers and students were so thrilled and learned a great deal (while having fun)."

         Charry Lackey
         Castle Hills Elementary School, Texas

    "Thank you for all your hard work. It is quite remarkable how you delivered the same message 6 times with the same passion and conviction each time. You obviously love what you do. The 4 things I especially like about your presentation were.

    1. how you adapted to each grade level and personality of the group.
    2. how your message about education and writing was so motivating and positive.
    3. how you used humor to hold the kids attention so they could receive your message
    4. and how you spoke so lovingly of your family"

         Jean Gerdes
         Donegal Middle School

    "I believe the 'thank you' goes to you! For our first author's visit, you set an incredible standard that needs to be met."

         Jill Castanon
         Nelda Mundy Elementary

    "Thank you so much for your wonderful and entertaining presentation at Pleasant Hill School. It was far beyond our expectations. The staff and students are still talking about you. One third grade teacher said she was so impressed that when she took her students to their room, she gave them paper and had them write a poem. She also wrote one herself. Another teacher said you transported her to another place for one hour. All comments were very positive. In one second grade class, each student wrote me a letter thanking me for inviting you to our school. They all want you back again. This was our first time to have an author visit us. We certainly chose the right one."

         Mary Lou Trikones
         Library Aide
         Pleasant Hill School

    "I can not thank you enough for your WONDERFUL and FABULOUSLY funny program. The teachers and the students had a great time!"

         Mary Lou Sheridan
         Media Specialist
         Providence Day School
         North Carolina

    "Everyone at Valley View loved your presentations and workshops. Your enthusiasm and energy were amazing. The kids were still abuzz on Saturday at the basketball games. They were chatting about the author who made them laugh and think and the funny poems that they were going to write. You really touched them and I hope you will come back to our area again. The bar is quite high and the next chair of the Cultural Arts for PTA is going to have a rough job. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

         Bonnie Moninghoff
         Valley View Elementary
         New Jersey

    "Everyone here can't seem to quit thanking me for bringing you here so you were definitely a hit. The students came back to school the next day talking about you, and your books. Preschool children talked about the author that read a book about bugs, and how funny he was. They loved you! My sixth grader came home and wrote two poems that night she was so excited about writing poetry."

         Gloria Davis
         Third Grade Teacher
         Welton Elementary

    "Our thanks go out to you!! We had an awesome time! and you truly are an inspiration to so many students & parents. I can't begin to tell you the number of parents and students that came up to me the next day to tell me how great you were. I felt so honored to be able to provide our families with such a top-notch presenter. I hope we can continue this tradition!

         Wendi Smith
         Fairwood School

    "Thanks so much for coming to our school this spring. The children and teachers loved your presentation."

         Linda Jackson
         Hillcrest Elementary

    "You are a fabulous fabulous speaker! My kids were so motivated by your presentation that they actually wanted to write these thank-you notes! I can honestly say that has never happened before! Thank you for your time and your wonderful message."

         Aimee McMullen
         3rd Grade Teacher
         Apollo Beach Elementary

    "Your presentation almost two months ago is still being commented on by kids and teachers alike. You did an amazing program. Thank you for coming to our school!"

         Mary Spidaliere
         PTO Coordinator
         Main Dunstable Elementary
         New Hampshire

    "Your Assemblies were phenomenal! The children and teachers loved you! It's obvious that you love writing and that you love inspiring children to write as well. You'll be a hard act to follow next year."

         Deb Matson
         Schuylkill Elementary

    "To say that your visit to Lowell Elementary was "fantastic" just doesn't do it justice!! You are absolutely right: pity the poor soul who has to follow your author visitation!!! The children, staff, and community were completely enthralled by your presentations.

    Thank you for inspiring the children to write and making the connection between reading and writing with them. I am sure they will never forget you!"


         Angela Doty
         Lowell Elementary
         Lima, Ohio

    "Feedback has been super! Gloria Bradley, the 3rd grade teacher who bought your curriculum book, asked if we would get you back. A second grade class did a whole project using techniques from the senses workshop and the teacher remarked they were "incredible". Also, one Mom told me that her son came home that day, wrote and rewrote a poem 3 times, then typed it, all of which was amazing because he "hates to write".


         Arline Culp
         Quaker Hill School
         Quaker Hill, CT

    "Even two weeks after your visit to our school, I am still filled with excitement, energy and enthusiasm. You were absolutely wonderful! Students showed me poetry that they have created after you left. Our children were excited to read and write more poetry. Immediately after your visit, most students flocked to the poetry section of the library.

    You definitely have the energy level it takes to work with elementary school children. Many staff member were astonished that you were able to maintain the same high energy level from Monday morning straight through Friday afternoon. One staff member commented that she wished you could present at all our faculty meetings. Your presentation style was lively and the writing lessons were extremely valuable and practical.

    I was impressed with your ability to present writing workshops that were suitable to the diverse developmental and writing levels of the students. Thank you for helping our students to see that they are writers and some of the best writing starts with their lives."

    Still Smiling,

         Tamara Cress
         Library Media Specialist
         Charles H. Stillman School
         Plainfield, New Jersey

    "I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for your incredible performances. Your focus on individual attention to each student (walking around and personally assisting each of them with their writing) made them feel very special. I was particularly impressed by the way you encouraged our reluctant writers.

    Often, we bring professional authors into our school to expand our students' experiential knowledge. However, you went above and beyond our expectations!"


         Christopher Lommerin, Ed.D., Principal
         Charles H. Stillman School
         Plainfield, NJ

    "Thank you for your lively presentation. The students truly loved your enthusiasm and energy. I know that you inspired quite a few students, my daughter for one. She came home like a writing machine. The teachers were thrilled and truly enjoyed the show. My third and fourth grade teachers were especially grateful. Your presentation was entertaining and educational, the way teaching should be."


         Laura Dwyer, Enrichment/G&T Coordinator
         Alton Central School
         Alton, NH

    "Once again I would like to thank you for your visit to our school. You promised a superb assembly and you sure delivered. The children are still talking about your poems!"


         Laura Lupa
         Medinah Primary School
         Medinah, IL 60157
         630-529-9788 ext. 228

    "I just wanted to thank you again for your great presentation. The kids and staff are still talking about how wonderful you were and how great it was to see everyone laughing. You really did set the standards for our future authors.... no one will compare."

         Sweeta Block
         Library Coordinator
         Oak Terrace Elementary
         Highland Park, IL

    "Bravo! What an excellent presentation at Walt Disney School last week. The students and staff are still raving about all those bugs, etc. etc. It is no easy feat to keep 100+ children totally involved, but you not only managed to accomplish that but to enthrall everyone with your expertise, creativity, and limitless humor. I applaud your fine work and teaching finesse. It is not often that one comes upon a natural born teacher. Superb job! We love you!"

         Fay Manicke
         Walt Disney Elementary
         Levittown, PA

    "Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful assembly. The children and our faculty thoroughly enjoyed your visit. You were right. It was the best assembly we ever had. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us!"

         Rondi Herrera
         Bailey Elementary
         Edwards, CA

    "I was so impressed with what you offered the children at the assembly I attended at East Port Orchard School. You offered so much besides the elements of writing. You are a teacher and a healer. With the risk of sounding effusive, I found myself thinking I perhaps have met a new change agent for society. Your work might well be transformative for children and many adults."

         Diane Wyland Carle
         School Mental Health Specialist
         East Port Orchard Elementary
         Port Orchard, WA

    "I've received so many positive comments from the teachers, and parents as well! One teacher said that her class was fighting over the poetry books the next day at library! One parent told me that her daughter stayed up until 10pm the other night writing poetry (something she was never interested in before)! These are just two examples of the many wonderful comments! I was really impressed (as were all!) by your exceptional enthusiasm... which was no less apparent in the evening presentation than it was during the first assembly of the day! It's obvious that you work hard at what you do, and love what you do as well. You were able to connect with the kids in a meaningful, motivating way... and everyone had fun! Thanks so much!"

         Trish Steckler
         Sawyer Woods Elementary,
         Black Diamond, WA

    "Dear David,

    On behalf of the faculty, students, and parents of St. Michael's, I am writing to thank you for the two assemblies you presented to our Lower and Middle Schools. As I am sure you are well aware, it is not an easy task to please everyone. I have received nothing but positive feedback from teachers and students since your assemblies. You were incredible, impressive, fabulous, entertaining, enjoyable, remarkable and riveting! Thank you again for a great presentation."

         Bernadette Griffin
         Assembly Chair Committee
         St. Michael's Country Day School
         Newport, RI

    "Dear David,

    What a fabulous performance! You accomplished more in 45 minutes than I could accomplish in a month. You are a true inspiration. Your countless messages to the students were so appropriate. We tell our students and our children to keep trying — but the words mean so much more coming from you.

    I am a first grade teacher and a mother. I live for sounds, words,writing and reading. You made all of this come alive.

    I just wanted to thank you for reinforcing all of the values I try to instill in my students and children."


         Louise Irwin

    "Dear David,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful assembly. It was everything that you promised, a truly platinum event! The teachers came up to me for two days giving you kudos for an excellent performance. Middle School is a tough audience, but you captivated them.

    Thanks again for a memorable, entertaining assembly. It was my pleasure meeting you. I look forward to a future scheduling."


         Nancy Caplanis
         Media Specialist
         Wolfe Middle School

    "Hi David,

    Thank you again for putting on such an entertaining performance at Greenmont School. The children and staff enjoyed it, and I have been getting pats on the back for bringing you here.

    By the way I have recommended you to all the other schools here in Kettering, and to my friends at the public library."


         Evelyn Morgan
         Media Coordinator
         Greenmont Elementary School

    "Dear David,

    It was a pleasure and an honor to have you as a guest at our school. You are not only inspiring to writers; you are inspiring to teachers of writing. Your enthusiasm for children's writing is contagious. You take the simplest ideas and turn them into incredible and fun writing lessons. I received positive feedback from everyone involved in your visit from the children to the teachers to administrators. Thank you.


         Jennifer Todd
         Oak Middle School

    "Dear David Greenberg,

    It is with much joy and delight that I write this letter. You came to our school and inspired each and every student. They will not view books or poems in quite the same fashion as before. Each day, I have a different student telling me their latest poem. The sparkle in all this is that each student believes they can make a difference. Life is indeed sweeter now for students at Lawrence Elementary."


         Mrs. Susan Snider
         Lawrence Elementary School

    "Dear David

    I want to thank you for coming to Clardy. It was a wonderful day and the kids loved you. It is obvious you understand what makes children tick.

    When you have their ear and their heart that is the time to teach. You reinforced what I say everyday.

    Thank you, again. You were wonderful!"


         Sharon Klein
         Clardy Elementary

    "Dear Mr. Greenberg,

    Your February visit to Burbank School made such an impression on my children, Hannah and Dylan. Thank you for turning my 'if-it-isn't-about-sports-I'm-not-interested' son onto poetry. Upon arriving home from school on the day of your visit, he renamed one of his rats. Hank is now Hank Aaron GREENBERG. He has also begun his first book of poetry. Thank you for giving him a way to express his feelings."

    Very Sincerely,

         Bobbie Hallmen


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