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If you are seeking published authors or illustrators to present programs at your school, this directory is your source!

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The spirit of any book is an extension of its creators, author and/or illustrator. So, if you wish to inspire your students with the wondrous spirit of books and reading, with the joys of writing or illustrating, you must have an author or illustrator visit your school.

Authors and Illustrators Who Visit Schools (AIVS) is the source for qualified, bona fide professional authors and illustrators who present school programs. This is its twenty-eighth year of operation, and it represents seven authors and illustrators who are devoted to dual arts: writing / illustrating and presenting programs to kids. These seven authors and illustrators have been drawn together by a shared sense of strong professionalism and care for kids. They're not just authors or illustrators who happen to speak now and then. Rather, they actively seek to represent the highest standards of professionalism and quality in their presentations to children. Schools spend too much money, and have far too much at stake, AIVS believes, to accept anything less. By using this directory, you can bypass the uncertainty about the authors and illustrators that you hire. And you can directly contact highly professional authors and illustrators who are very interested in visiting your school, who are experienced at speaking, who sincerely care about kids, and who will respond energetically to your inquiries. Every author or illustrator in this directory wants to speak in schools and is experienced at speaking in schools. All you have to do is call them (or write, fax, or e-mail) and they provide the following:

  • Detailed information about their programs.
  • Information about prices.
  • Current references.

You arrange all the logistics of their visit directly with them. There is no middleman and you pay no commission.

With every one of our authors and illustrators it is possible to arrange autographing sessions of his or her books with students.

So, please use our directory to find the perfect author or illustrator for your school or conference. Every author or illustrator described is a successful professional with books in print. They are models of what one can accomplish, what your students can accomplish, if they are devoted to their craft. Their goal is to uplift your students with the joy of books and authentically inform them.

We encourage you to contact any author or illustrator on our roster directly. However, if AIVS can be of any help in directing you to a specific author or illustrator, or if you seek general information, please e-mail us at

The Inevitable Fine Print: All the authors and illustrators represented in this directory are solely responsible for the content of their listing. Any school (or other organization) which hires an author or illustrator is responsible to verify his or her qualifications. AIVS disclaims any liability to any person or group for any loss or damage caused by the act or omission of any author or illustrator or by any error or omission in the directory.

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